How does Whatsapp Make Money in 2019

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WhatsApp Owner and History

How does Whatsapp Make Money in 2019
How does Whatsapp Make Money in 2019


Whatsapp was developed by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in early months of 2009 as a status update application (hence the name Whatsapp). It was further updated to Whatsapp 2.0 which transformed it into an Instant Messaging Application and started the real story.

This Facebook-owned IM Application now provides service to more than 1 Billion users all over the world. But the question of how does Whatsapp make money has been in the minds of everyone ever since the beginning as Whatsapp proudly expresses its views against native advertisements and hasn’t been charging its users for a long time. There surely are some big plans in the minds of developers (and Facebook) regarding its revenue model.

How does WhatsApp make money?

Technically, it doesn’t.

When Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for a cool $19bn the app was free to download but then after the first year it would cost 99p every year.

Just two years later WhatsApp scrapped the charge in 2016 and instead announced that it would be looking into a new feature that would allow them to make money.

That feature was to let businesses contact you through WhatsApp. It would charge the businesses to use the feature and would allow you to quickly contact your bank, or internet provider in much the same way that we do over email or by telephone.

WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business in January 2018 as a free app for small businesses in the UK. These businesses will have to have your phone number already to contact you and there’s no way for you to search for them.

Oh and as we mentioned before, it’s free, so WhatsApp still isn’t making any money.

This is where Koum’s reported concerns start to become relevant. According to the Washington Post the co-founder was concerned that in order to increase the usefulness of WhatsApp Business Facebook would weaken the encryption that’s currently available and start sharing more personal data with third-parties and with Facebook itself.

Now Facebook doesn’t exactly have a great track record with that either after it announced less than two years after buying WhatsApp it would start sharing your phone number with Facebook in order to match up the accounts.

According to Facebook this would allow you to find new friends to connect with and of course it then fed into Facebook’s own advertising systems.

It’s not clear whether or not this feature actually makes Facebook any money as beyond a phone number and what type of phone you’re using, there’s very little else that it can collect.

So there you have it. WhatsApp Business in its current form doesn’t look like the solution, however it could be the precursor to a larger rollout that includes multinational companies.

Yet despite all this, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app on the planet with over 1.5 billion users. With that in mind it’s almost inevitable that Facebook will find a way to monetize the app, of course how it does that is still very much up in the air.

Initial Revenue Generation Strategy

Whatsapp got its first round of funding of $250k by five ex-Yahoo! friends who were granted a co-founder status.

The second and third round of funding was carried by Sequoia Capital which invested a total amount of $60 million ($8 million in 2011 and $52 million in 2013) in Whatsapp Inc. This was the only source of income for the 50 staff members of Whatsapp. There wasn’t much expenditure involved in running the application; the primary cost included sending a verification code to the users.

This is why Whatsapp waved off the $1 subscription fees.

The strategy of the founders was to position the brand as a synonym for an instant messaging application. This required them to capitalize on the network effect.

This strategy of creating a network first and money after proved to be fruitful. After two long years of being wooed by Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook on February  2014  for $19 billion and all the employees were put to Facebook payrolls including Koum, who is now a part of Facebook’s board.

Whatsapp’s Revenue Model (Facebook’s Strategy)

Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2014 for $19 billion and this opened many new doors for the application. Even the answer to ‘How does Whatsapp make money?’ changed after the acquisition

Facebook not only uses Whatsapp as a user data generation factory but also has introduced some really strategic plans for Whatsapp’s revenue model.

Whatsapp Business

Facebook had new plans for Whatsapp. The company launched Whatsapp Business application which lets users build their business profile and become a verified business on WhatsApp. The verified businesses can create their business profile along with certain important links to their website or facebook page, set up autoresponders, can even link their landline numbers with Whatsapp and can even integrate the Whatsapp for Business API with their product offering.

The Whatsapp Business application is currently free to download and use for all businesses. Whatsapp, however, makes money through Whatsapp for Business API.

Whatsapp for Business API

The company extended its business functionality by launching its first revenue earning product – Whatsapp Business API. This new product lets the businesses integrate WhatsApp for Business APIs with their systems to reach out to customers through notifications and deal with their queries automatically.

To prevent ad spam, the company restricted the ability to send messages. Businesses can only send messages to people who have contacted them first, but the API will also help them programmatically send shipping confirmations, appointment reminders or event tickets to their customers. The company is already working successfully with clients like, Wish, etc.

whatsapp api

Now, how does WhatsApp makes money through API?

Well, Whatsapp has developed a really strategic revenue generation plan for this product.

It charges businesses for slow replies.

This means that the businesses will be able to respond to messages from users for free for up to 24 hours, but will have to pay a fee for every message sent after 24 hours. The charge is fixed but is different for different countries.

The businesses can also choose to reply manually through their own tool or apps like Zendesk, MessageBird or Twilio.

Now, most of you must be thinking that the businesses can always use their Whatsapp for Business application to reply late to the customer inquiries. No matter how simple this solution sounds, this technique doesn’t suite businesses dealing with millions of users (airline tickets, travel tickets, movie tickets, banks, etc.).

Moreover, you cannot use API on any number already associated with Whatsapp. you need a fresh number to install the API.

whatsapp faq



Whatsapp has introduced a payments option (P2P payments) within the application for Indian users which will further boost its position in the market and will make it a preferred application for sending money (just like Venmo in the USA). This will further benefit Whatsapp business in the company’s biggest market.


During the recent F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg also disclosed his future plans to release the Whatsapp payments feature to the rest of the world pretty soon. This will open gates to many more businesses relying on the platform the company capitalising on the network effect.

Future Revenue Earning Strategies

It looks like copying Snapchat’s features wasn’t just to steal its consumer base, Whatsapp is now planning to copy its revenue-earning strategies as well. According to the Economic Times, the company has plans to let businesses use the status feature, where text, photos, videos and animated GIFs can be shared for 24 hours, to advertise and promote their business.

How to post to facebook and instagram at the same time

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How to post to facebook and instagram at the same time
How to post to facebook and instagram at the same time


Wondering how to post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time? Sounds like a mouthful, I know. I also know that it is child’s play for most social media users. How about the few that do not know?

Facebook and Instagram have been great tools for marketing products and services, as much as they have been great apps for sharing attractive content.

Everyone wants convenience while using these apps, most likely to save one the stress of posting the same content on the different social media apps that we belong to. Why not just find a better way to do this? I am glad to tell you that there is not just a better way, but there are better ways to post on both apps simultaneously.


Ways to Post to Facebook and Instagram at The Same Time


Firstly, if you are a business owner with a Facebook page and an Instagram business account, you should link both apps. Linking both accounts will allow you to share a post from Instagram to Facebook with a simple toggle on in settings.

  1. While in the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right.
  3. Next, if you use an Android phone, tap on the three dots at the top right-hand corner; if you use an iPhone, tap on the settings icon. It is just beside the Edit Profile.
  4. Now, scroll down to Linked Accounts.
  5. Select Facebook
  6. Tap Log in with the Facebook app or Log in with phone or email to connect to Instagram.

to Facebook and Instagram at the same time? Sounds like a mouthful, I know. I also know that it is child’s play for most social media users. How about the few that do not know?

Facebook and Instagram have been great tools for marketing products and services, as much as they have been great apps for sharing attractive content.

Everyone wants convenience while using these apps, most likely to save one the stress of posting the same content on the different social media apps that we belong to. Why not just find a better way to do this? I am glad to tell you that there is not just a better way, but there are better ways to post on both apps simultaneously.

Stay with me as I reveal the ways you can post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

Ways to Post to Facebook and Instagram at The Same Time

  • Link Both Apps

Firstly, if you are a business owner with a Facebook page and an Instagram business account, you should link both apps. Linking both accounts will allow you to share a post from Instagram to Facebook with a simple toggle on in settings.

Here is how:

  1. While in the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right.
  3. Next, if you use an Android phone, tap on the three dots at the top right-hand corner; if you use an iPhone, tap on the settings icon. It is just beside the Edit Profile.
  4. Now, scroll down to Linked Accounts.
  5. Select Facebook
  6. Tap Log in with the Facebook app or Log in with phone or email to connect to Instagram.

To allow sharing to Facebook from Instagram, turn the toggle on in the same page as step 6 above.

Likewise, if you are an individual who desires to post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time, you should do well to connect both accounts.

Gladly, you don’t have to follow the procedure above; all there is to this is to ensure that the accounts you want to reshare to are connected to Instagram. Instagram is one of the masters of cross-posting.

So, here is how to go about it.

  • While in the Instagram app.
  • Tap the plus icon at the bottom; the icon that lets you upload a new picture.
  • Select a picture of choice.
  • Turn the toggle on for Facebook.

The page displayed in step 4 is the page that allows you to write a caption. Visible in this page is the social media apps you can connect to Instagram including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

  • Use Third-Party Tools

Lastly, have tools get the work done for you. You already know that it is a digitally simplified era.

Some of these tools include Hootsuite, Buffer, IFTTT, Flow and many more. These tools automatically share your posts across your different social media channels.

Because there is a horde of roles they play in your social media experience, they can be referred to as auto post tools, automating tools, scheduling tools, and social media management tools.

Automating tools because they automatically share your posts; scheduling tools because you can schedule a post to be shared at a later time, and social media management tools because they help you manage your content across different social media platforms, and show you insights on posts that drove more engagement. Buffer is notable for this.

No tech knowledge is required to use third-party tools to post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time; create an account on your preferred tool, provide details to the social media apps you want to share across to, schedule your posts to a certain time, or automatically post them right away. Sharing just became more fun!

Generally speaking, with tools now at our beck-and-call, and apps like Instagram that support cross-posting, there has never been a better time to share contents

Top 10 Best Niche For Blogging in 2019

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Are you struggling with how to choose the best niche for your blog? Today I’m going to share with you the best niche for blogging in 2019.

Starting a blog in 2019 is one of the best ways to boost your online money making activities and rake in some extra cash. However to start a blog and grow it is not what it used to be like in the early days of the internet.

There are factors you need to consider when starting your blog. Choosing your blog niche is one of the most important factors. Today I’m going to share with you the best niche for blogging in 2019.

Before we get started let’s take a look at how to choose your blog niche. Most people get this wrong. They skip this part and get to the list of the best blogging niche.

Just because these niches demands are high doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Your aim should be what value can you contribute to the world.

Top 10 Best Niche For Blogging in 2019
Top 10 Best Niche For Blogging in 201



How to choose the best niche for your blogging

1. Choose something you love

One of the most important steps in choosing your blogging niche is to blog about what you know a lot about. Something you love so much that you can get bored talking about it. That will also make you an expert in it or give you the passion to be an expert in it.

I have this friend who loves food so much but she doesn’t know how to cook. She took a few cooking classes and read a few cookbooks, Now she’s one of the best cooks I know. finding her blogging niche won’t be a problem if she decides to blog.

Moral of story >> cooking was easy for her because she already love food and that drives her passion for learning and becoming an expert in it.

Choosing a niche you love will boost your enthusiasm to continue creating valuable contents for your readers and developing your skill will be a piece of cake because you already have the passion for your niche.

How to Start a Blog and Make money online 2019

2. Be passionate about it

Just as I told you earlier on choosing what you love. But choosing what you love at times might not be enough to pinpoint the perfect niche for your blog. You have to be passionate about it.

How do you know what you’re passionate about amidst the things you love? , this is how. Write down the topics you have good interest in. list them on a paper and try to come up with at least 10 blog post topics on each niche you wrote down.

If you’re able to come up with 10 blog posts topics easily, that’s your chosen niche.

3. Find your competitive edge

Now that you have your potential niche with you, You need to find a competitive edge in the market. There’s a good chance the niche you have with you is already saturated on the internet. The purpose of this post is to show you the best niche for blogging and prepare you to stand a chance against the big boys in the industry. By helping you narrow down your niche.

Let’s take for example. Your chosen niche is affiliate marketing. There are thousands if not millions of people on that niche. You may need to narrow down your niche to something like affiliate marketing on social media.

That way you’ll have fewer competitors and you can start dominating your niche from there.

4. Dominate your niche

Now that you have chosen your niche and you’re ready to jump. For you to be successful in your blogging career you need to dominate your niche.

You don’t just want to be addressed as a blogger within your friends’ circle. You want to stand out in the midst of other bloggers. The way to do that is by identifying the problems in your niche.

Look for a solution to the problems and people will start to notice you in your niche. The more solution you can provide and get it to more people letting them know you have a solution to their problems. The more people will come to you and voila. Your niche domination its on track.


Best Niche Blogging for Blogging in 2019

1. Health and fitness Niche


This is probably one of the best blogging niches for new bloggers who are into fitness training and beauty product review. This niche is pretty saturated. However, you can always narrow down your blog niche to gain market ground.

How to make money with Health and fitness niche

  • Product Review: this is one of the best ways to make money with health and fitness niche. The beauty industry is a vast industry. Advertisers spent Billions of dollars annually on their product promotions. You can sign up with affiliate networks. Pick a product, review, make sales and earn commissions on your sale.
  • Sponsored post: this process is a little similar to the product review. But in this way Advertisers contact you to write a post on your blog about their product. They pay you your agreed price and voila, you’re done. Pretty cool right? To attract this promotion method your blog should be getting a significant amount of targeted traffic monthly.
  • Display adverting: almost all blogging niches utilize this method of ad. You sign up with an ad network like Google Adsense, and others. You place their code on your website and they pay you for clicks and impressions.

2. Dating Niche


The dating niche is one of the growing niches in the blogosphere. Several dating sites are emerging, so is the competition in the online dating niche. Online dating is complex. From selecting the best dating platform to sign up to dating tips.

Just like the other niches, there are a lot of competitions and to stand out, you need to know what you’re doing and how you intend to help people with their relationship life.

How to make money with dating niche

  • Personal coaching: this is one of the best ways to make money in the dating niche. You can help people balance their relationship lives by offering private coaching for your readers and you can charge them for it.  Be careful though, make sure you know what you’re doing. Provide great value for your readers and charge reasonably.
  • Product sales: you may write a book on relationship advice or recommend a great one for your audience. make sure whatever you’re selling or recommending to your readers is valuable and will solve their problem.

3. Making money online Niche


Making money online niche is one of the niches every wannabe blogger is going into these days. It’s a saturated niche but that doesnt mean you can’t make money blogging on it. In fact its one of the best-paid niches on the internet.

For you to stand out in this niche, you need to narrow your research down and pick a topic. Focus on creating valuable content around your topic. Solve peoples problem increase your traffic generation by working on your website SEO [search engine optimization].

How to make make money with making money online niche

  • Display advertising: display ads is one of the popular ways to earn with this niche. There are thousands if not millions of products for this niche. What better way to get your hands on it than letting big ad networks like Google Adsensepresent it to your audience.
  • Affiliate sales: chances are your audience wants to make money online. You can make money by recommending good platforms for them to make extra cash. You can also recommend tools for them to utilize in their online making money activities.
  • E-book sales: you can write a guide and package it in an e-book or hire someone to write it for you. You can sell the e-book to your readers at a fixed price.

Whatever you want to sell to your readers or recommend to them, Make sure it’s of great value. The internet is full of fake programs and makes money online stuff. Do your research before recommending anything to avoid tarnishing your image.

4. Fashion Niche


Who doesnt like a good outfit, we all do. Fashion niche is growing every day. So is the competition in the fashion blog niche. If you know a lot about the fashion industry, you might consider starting a fashion blog. The niche is not new but it’s still less competitive compared to other blogging niches out there.

How to make money with fashion niche

  • Affiliate sales: this is probably the best ways to make money with a fashion blog. You sign up with big online stores like Amazon or Aliexpress. You promote your preferred products, makes sales and you earn commissions on your sales.
  • Display advertising: you can sign up as an affiliate to all the fashion stores. You need big ad networks like Google Ads to help you place targeted ads on your website and you get paid for clicks and impressions.

5. Technology Niche


Technology niche may sound too technical to some but let me explain what this niche means for those who are still confused. The internet is growing, with more growth comes more needs. Many people are engaging in learning computer languages/programming languages.

As more engage in this journey so is the need for tutorials and guides. Learning these languages is not easy, but it can be less difficult with guides and tutorial. If you have experience in this aspect, you’ll really need to create a blog. There’s a lot of money to be made.

I started learning how to code on solo learn this year and I just finished my HTML Course. I read several blog posts on the course, now I’m through with HTML and I’m learning CSS now.

Blogging in this niche can be quite profitable. However, you need to be knowledgeable in the field

How to make money with technology niche

  • Products sale: you can create an ebook on a language or tips and guides. Sell it on your blog and make money. Believe me,, many will buy your product as long as it’s valuable.
  • Coaching classes: you can arrange a coaching class for your audience. You can use online or offline coaching. And make good money as well.

6. Finance Niche


The finance niche is one of the best niches to blog on. However, you need some certain skills to make your blog a success with this niche. You need to have experience in managing and organizing funds.

This niche is always on the top blogging niches because of the oppurtunities it provides to those who blog on it. If you have the experience or you can make research and deliver valuable tips and contents, then you should consider starting a blog in this niche.

How to make money with finance niche

  • Display advertising: this is one of the best paying niches on the internet. a friend of mine who operates a finance blog earns up to $40 per click on Google Adsense.
  • Sponsored posts: advertisers pay well for this niche. You can expect up to $1000 per sponsored post. Your blog needs significant amounts of traffic for advertisers to contact you.

7. Food Niche


Operating a food niche blog is one best way to make money online. The food niche is a growing niche in the blogosphere. If you know how to cook good food, you can start a food blog. The competition is kinda high but you can always narrow down your niche to a less competitive one.

You can start a recipe blog and teach people how to cook different types of food.

How to make money with food niche

  • Products sales: write an e-book on your top recipes and sell them to your audience
  • Display advertisement: there is a good chance your visitors are interested in buy ingredients online. Big ads networks like Google ads can help you present targeted ads to them and you get paid for clicks and impressions.

8. Lifestyle Niche


Starting a lifestyle blog is one of the best ways to turn your passion into money. Most newbie lifestyle bloggers get this wrong. Thinking they can put anything out there and make a lot of money. It doesnt work that way.

To make money with a lifestyle blog, you have to be unique and find out what makes you, you. Most people don’t care about you or what you think. Being a lifestyle blogger is all about sharing your point of view in a unique and interesting way.

How to make money with lifestyle niche

  • Display Advertising: you can sign up with big ad networks like Google Ads, and others. They display ads on your website and you get paid for clicks and impression.
  • Affiliate sales: once you have a significant amount of traffic to your blog. you can start recommending products you use to them and receive feedback from them and you also make cool cash.

9. Travel Niche


The travel niche saw a spike in 2018 and its been growing since then. The age of the internet has made things easy due to travel jobs .the freedom to work from anywhere in the world has made the travel niche more popular.

Are you a traveller? if yes. Start a travel niche blog and make some extra cash while you enjoy the moment.

How to make money with travel niche

  • Product sales: write an ebook on your travel moments. Telltales and analyze different cultures you experienced during your travel moment. Sell it to your audience and make cool cash.
  • Display advertising: just as you already know about ad networks. Sign up for one of your choices and make money from clicks and impressions.

10. DIY and Craft Niche


Do it yourself [DIY] and craft niche is a vast niche with many sub-niches. Take whatever you’re specialized in, be it knitting, moulding drawing etc. Create a blog and teach people how to do it.

Many underestimate the number of people out there that want to learn what you’re doing. don’t be like them. Start putting valuable contents out there and you’ll be surprised.

How to make money with DIY and craft niche

  • Product sales: you can sell your craft to your readers or write an ebook that teaches them how to do particular stuff. Sell it to them and make cool cash.
  • Membership sales: create a premium members area on your blog where you share premium contents, tips and guides. sell the membership to your audience and make cool cash.
  • Display advertising: signup with big ad networks like Google Adsense, Put their code on your website and get paid for clicks and impression.


Choosing your blogging niche may sound and looks like tedious work but it pays at the end.

While there are many blogs out there who cover multiple niches. It’s not advisable for you to start that way. Remember if you do that, you’re competing with these guys.

And in doing so you lost your competitive edge. pick a popular niche and narrow it down to a less competitive but still popular. Make your stand there and dominate your niche.

When you’ve dominated your niche, you can compete with the big boys in the market because now you’re one of them.

I’ve given you 10 best niche for blogging. It’s left for you to choose your blog niche and get started on your blogging journey.

Any issue, thoughts or contribution. Comment on the bottom

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Best Online Shopping Sites In 2019

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Since when have you been surfing the internet to get the list of best online shopping sites for your personal shopping or dropshipping business?

We know you have seen some results about your queries but not yet satisfied. You might have even tried using some of these online stores but didn’t even keep up to your expectation or the desired results.

Well, either you are trying to start a dropshipping business, a mini-importation business or just want to shop for some items online, this article will open your eyes deep into these seven best online shopping sites we have carefully handpicked for you.


Best Online Shopping Sites In 2019
Best Online Shopping Sites In 2019

What made these shopping sites outranked others?

Gone are the days you have to leave your home for a grocery store to buy some vegetables, fruits or any foodie items, you don’t also need to obtain a VISA before you can buy a product in China for your family down here in Nigeria because these online shopping sites have come to stay.

You can make an order for a meal if you can’t prepare it and get it at your doorstep in little time. This is a perfect solution for workers who lack time to prepare meals due to busy work schedule.

The eCommerce industry has grown greatly in recent years. Today you can get almost anything in online stores. Thanks to the advancement in ICT that has been connecting the world together which have made deliveries or product shipping to be faster and safe these days.

One amazing thing about these online shopping sites is that delivery can be made possible within 1-2 days.

This method of fast delivery is called “Express delivery” which will require you to pay additional fees in order to get your products shipped to your home country as fast as 24 – 72 hours of purchase.

There is also another one called “Cargo delivery” where you have to wait for few days (like 2 weeks or less) before you get your products delivered to you and of course, you don’t have to pay any extra fees than the normal cargo shipping.

Another criterion for these best online shopping sites is what is really affecting our ecosystem and ecological niches.

The world is getting completely digital, in few years to come, many offline stores will be affected by the influence of online shopping sites in the market although some products are better off purchasing offline. People are beginning to see the benefits of shopping online which includes; convenience, increased productivity.

In some online shopping sites, their payment system offers inadequate security which actually makes it easier for malicious hackers to steal credit card information.

Sometimes, the quality of the products bought online may differ from the actual product after shipment. Also, it’s much easier to get scammed online than offline which is why most persons are skeptical about shopping for kinds of stuff online.

But consequently, the management team of these sites keeps improving in other to maintain quality service. As with anything else, there will be flaws and the same can be said about these listed online shopping sites.

But according to sellers and customers’ reviews about these online shopping sites, we assure you that shopping or dropshipping from them is easier, safer, cheaper and high-quality than others.

So, we have considered the valid points above before listing them here.

We think you are getting more bored with the long intro, right? We are very sorry.

Here is where we are heading to;

Best Online Shopping Sites in 2019

1. Amazon |

Amazon is the best online shopping site on our list and we will give you reasons why. The online shopping site is the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world and it is one of the biggest firms worldwide. Since its incorporation in 1994, Amazon has constantly delivered high-quality services and products.

In 2008 alone, the site attracted about 615 million visitors, since 2016 at least 130 million customers in the United States visit Amazon’s website monthly. They have been at the forefront of the eCommerce industry, setting the standards for other eCommerce sites to follow.

Unlike most online shopping sites, Amazon offers a wide variety of products including, Books, DVDs, music CDs, infant products, groceries, health products, beauty products, industrial equipments, kitchen utensils, furnitures, consumer electronics, automotive items, toys & games, musical instruments, sport gears and the list continues.

The site is very easy to navigate, but because there are millions of products on the site, Amazon provided a “search tab” where you can easily find any product of your choice. There is also a review tab where customers can give recommendations or ratings about a particular product.

The “Search Inside The Book” feature is one of the best things book lovers would like.

How does it work? The feature allows customers to search for keywords in the full text of many books in the catalog. When this is done, Amazon doesn’t return the search in a text format because of copyright, rather a picture of the page is been displayed. When this is done, your browser is automatically disabled to print, also the number of pages you can access is limited.

There many other features which make the best online shopping site but we will stop here and head over to the next on my list.

2. eBay |

eBay is an American multinational eCommerce website. The company is managed by eBay Inc. making it a serious competitor with Amazon.

A vast majority of products including collectibles, decor, electrical appliances, computers, industrial equipment, furniture, vehicles etc. can be bought and sold on eBay’s website. When it comes to auctioning of products, eBay has got one of the best auction system.

During the early stages of its inception, eBay was nearly unregulated, then you purchase, illegal items like guns(if it is in your country), hard drugs, stolen/forged documents, tobacco, and other unusual items. But the growth of the site made it necessary for such items to be restricted.

When shipping an item with eBay you have basically three options, ordinary mail, express mail, and/or courier service. The seller of the product is at liberty to offer only one method of shipping.

If you’d like to get your items faster, an extra fee will be requested to upgrade your account to either the Surface Air Lifted Program(second-class) or the AirMail shipping program(first-class), this will increase the speed of your shipment. These and more other feature makes eBay one of the best online shopping sites you should try out.

3. AliExpress |

This is another online shopping site based in China. AliExpress is the most visited eCommerce site in Russia, it is also the 10th most visited site in Brazil.

Just as eBay, AliExpress has almost anything you need to buy with independent sellers using them as a host to sell to consumers.

With AliExpress, language is not a barrier as the site features English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Russian languages. If you can’t find your preferred language, English which is default language will serve as the language will be better for you.

Unlike Amazon, AliExpress doesn’t sell products directly to customers because it’s a pure eCommerce website which directly connects buyers with sellers. Sellers on AliExpress could be individuals or companies.

Another thing that makes AliExpress one of the best online shopping sites is, its affiliate program which is one of the best among other online shopping sites.

Although almost all online shopping sites have an option for affiliate marketers, most people still prefer using AliExpress because it is way cheaper than both eBay and Amazon.

You can find a product of $19 on AliExpress but the same product may be $26 on eBay.

People who are just finding their way into mini-importation or dropshipping business usually makes use of AliExpress.

NOTE: If you are living in mainland China, you won’t be able to make purchases on the site even though most sellers are Chinese.

4. BestBuy |

BestBuy is an American multinational company that deals mainly on consumer electronics. The online shopping site sells consumer electronics and other products like video games, music, mobile phones, cameras, car stereos, and other home appliances. They also offer services like warranty, computer repairs, and accidental services.

Cellular phones from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile can also be gotten on BestBuy. For the best of music and other musical instruments, BestBuy is your best place.

Some people in Canada, USA, and other neighbouring countries prefer BestBuy for their home appliances.

As stated above, it’s a good option for electronic products and this makes it down the list as it doesn’t offer wide service as the first 3 shopping sites mentioned above.

5. WalMart |

This is arguably the biggest online shopping platform in the world today with 11,348 stores/clubs in 27 countries of the world.

There are a vast majority of products you can get on WalMart they include; Electronics, groceries, footwears, toys, fabrics, party supplies, pieces of jewelry, sport and fitness products.

Other services include WalMart Pay, WalMart MoneyCard and Pick up Today.

WalMart’s goal is to offer high-quality services at relatively inexpensive prices, which is why millions visit this site on a daily basis.

Another feature which makes WalMart a perfect choice for some online shoppers is that there is no “slotting fee”. Sellers don’t have to pay fees for slots for the sake of putting their products on the store rather, they prefer selling more popular products.

This has really boosted their popularity as you know people love free or cheap stuff. It’s also one of the many reasons why WalMart is one of the best online shopping sites today.

6. CostCo |

This is actually the second largest online retailer after WalMart. CostCo is geared towards the sale of products at a cheaper price, the products are very bulky and sold to large families and businesses.

Being one of the most reputable and best online shopping sites in the world, Costco gets up 42.1 million visitors on a monthly basis.

Costco is a better alternative for you if you think WalMart is letting you down or just want to explore more about these shopping sites.

7. Gearbest |

This is the last on our list of best online shopping sites. Gearbest is a Chinese brand. They are highly respected because they offer high-quality products.

Products on Gearbest are all genuine. The following steps are taken to maintain quality control of servicing on the website:

  • Checking suppliers
  • Inspecting production
  • Testing samples
  • Spot-checking products
  • Tracking of after sales.

The items on Gearbest are relatively cheaper when compared to other sites. Gearbest also offers goods from various brands. With thousands of brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei etc.

Delivery services are of top quality. Gearbest provides worldwide delivery to 200+ countries of the world. The delivery plan features;

  • Light and simple, packaging to reduce excessive cost
  • Anti-vibration packing with shockproof
  • Real-time tracking of shipment

Security is another factor that makes Gearbest one of the best online shopping sites. They provide up to 40 global payment methods to increase convenience while shopping. With Gearbest, currency is not a barrier as their system is streamlined for multi-currency transactions.

In other to make deliveries happen faster, Gearbest provides various warehouses in different countries like USA, England, Spain etc.

Lastly, Gearbest assures you of a worry-free purchase with one year warranty for free repairs, 45 days refund policy and 30 no reason to return policy. All these have led to Gearbest been named in our list of top online shopping sites.

8. Alibaba |

Alibaba is one of the biggest eCommerce companies in China and in the world. The online shopping site is one of the three main stores managed by Alibaba Group Holding Limited founded by Jack MA and Peng Lei in 1999.

Other online shopping sites managed by the Alibaba group includes the popular Tmall and Taobao.

Alibaba has become a home for all categories of eCommerce entrepreneurs. Whether you are a buyer or seller, importer or exporter, if you are trying to outsource for merchandise or even dropship, you are highly welcome to Alibaba.

The eCommerce website is rated as the top-ranked among the state own tech companies in China and compared with the biggest lions in tech industry such as with Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and other tech companies you may think of.

When considering the IPO,  Alibaba leads other tech companies as the company with the biggest IPO in history and the world and thereby getting ranked as one of the most valuable companies in the world with impressive IPO.

This resulted in a massive financial increment in China market and Jack MA gained more than $25 billion, doubling as China’s richest man.

The eCommerce company recorded transactions more than $240 billion in a year which is more than that of Amazon and eBay combined together.

The online shopping sites, Alibaba, is facilitated by its founder, Jack MA to put “customers” before any other thing. This lets them win more in eCommerce and tech industry because the voice of the people always counts.

Although Alibaba is okay for your online shopping as a dropshipper or merchant, you must be aware that one of its greatest challenges is going mobile.

Millions of online shoppers are using their smartphone to make transactions these days but Alibaba needs to work more on its mobile responsiveness.

It’s great news that the company already know their weak point. They have been putting all possible measures into consideration to enable mobile friendliness and even beat Tencent company, the owner of Wechat application who got more than 300 million users.

To let aside the mobile-friendliness issue, Alibaba is a sure option to start out as a real dropshipper, wholesaler, retailer, and even consumer.


These are the updated list of our top online shopping sites in this year and as the competition gets strict between both new and rising eCommerce sites, we will update you about what is really happening in the industry.

So, what are you thinking?

Are you still doubting if these sites are real or just wordings to attract you? No!

Online shopping is here to stay, you should take advantage of their features. If you are really earnest about shopping online or starting a business with them, it’s the right time to take action because…

If millions of people across the world can trust them and there hasn’t been any genuine comment or review about them so far, then you should exercise your seriousness.

The most amazing thing is that you too can own one. Yes, you can launch your own eCommerce store without going through any stress. All you need to do is to hire us and we will handle everything for you.

If you have any product you want to sell faster, or you want to promote some products from any of these stores and earn impressive commission, then it’s important to get your own personal eCommerce website.

People are beginning to get more engaged online. It is therefore important to take your business online as offline businesses will soon lose customers to the online owners.

You can visit any of the above sites to get the best online shopping experience.

What have you gained so far?

Do you think some eCommerce sites should be included in this list or you have anything to say about this article? Kindly use the comment box below to share your feedback or better still, contact us for any business consultation or eCommerce website development.

Don’t forget that some of your friends might like to know about these best online shopping sites, why not share this article with them by clicking on the social media buttons below? Thanks as you do so.

9 ways to increase your Instagram earnings

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On this blog today we are going to talk about 9 ways to increase your Instagram earnings.

Before you read this blog post make sure you check out post about [Full Guide] How to Make Money on Instagram in 2019

9 ways to increase your Instagram earnings
9 ways to increase your Instagram earnings

Complete Fill Your Bio Information :

It is necessary to completely fill your bio information so you looks professional and decent. Additionally add in few of the relevant keywords and hashtags so you can easily be find out in your niche.

Start building a solid follower ship

I already discussed about how you can build a connection with your audience and followers, but connection is one thing, building huge number is second and it’s very important as well.

The more followers you have, the more times you are seen, the greater are the chances people will take interest and buy from you. In fact it will even help you in building trust as well.

Melyssa Griffin have described in her post that socialising with others, such as liking and commenting on relevant things in your niche, asking people to follow you, even running contest seems good.

Always provide a link to your blog or website :

Another important aspect in earning money from instagram is that, always add a link to your blog or website in your instagram posts.

It’s important in many ways.. such as brand building, driving more visitors and finally making them learn about your website or blog.

You can add links everywhere in your profile, about me, posts, images, videos and where ever it is possible.

Ask your clients for testimonials :

You know that people love to read case studies and testimonials before buying what you are selling or promoting, so convince your potential buyer’s by having case studies and testimonials.

So it’s a good idea to ask your clients and customers for testimonials and experience they had dealing with your product or service.

Maximise your productivity :

When going big, you should know that you can’t handle each and everything, so outsource them with apps. There are a number of Instagram tools which can help you and assist you in your tasks.

  • Iconosquare: is a great tool through which you can discuss advanced analytical data about Instagram users.
  • Postso: is a great post scheduling app and you will love it, on the day when you don’t find a time to post something on your profile and this profile will do the job for you.
  • Repost: The only reason i’m sharing this re-post plugin is because it gives credit where due; For those who don’t know, this app allows you to repost images from other Instagram users.

Invest money in buying good gadgets :

Gadgets like good camera, video camera, editing softwares and tools will pay you off well in long run, but having quality images and videos makes you better.

How to Grow Instagram Followers :

Do you know the amount of subscribers you have can give an approximation how much you can earn.

Instagrammers with more than 1,000 followers could earn $40 or more a post, according to the app Takumi, while bigger users could make up to $2,000 for each post.

If you have big numbers like 10,000 followers you can easily earn more then $15000 per year, while the biggest influencers – those with 100,000 followers, could earn $156,000 and the figure can be much more, depending upon what you promote.

Find Instagram Influences for ShoutOuts :

You can find different instagram influences which have good following and promote your affiliate or product links through them to make some extra cash and money.

Following are some sites to find some good influencers :


[Full Guide] How to Make Money on Instagram in 2019

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Admit that you want to know how to make money with Instagram, so you click on this blog. Many of you may not know how to make money on the internet because the majority of readers of this blog are interested in digital marketing, SEO and blogging, or entrepreneurs who advertise on Facebook or Google Adwords ads.

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2019 |
How to Make Money on Instagram in 2019 |

I have to say that the development of social media, opportunities for marketing and increasing scale of business are growing.

What is Instagram?

Have you ever wondered about Instagram?

Did you know that many people are paid to upload to Instagram?

Well, you might have joined Instagram in 2014 and since then opened an account and put it together once or twice a week. Let me tell you that this is not necessary. You need to understand the Instagram game to get to the point where you stand out, or in other words, you act authoritatively among the people who follow you.

The Instagram user base quickly doubled or even tripled, reaching more than 700 million users.

Instagram monthly active user
The data is quite impressive, right?

Because you are here and interested in making money on Instagram. So I will dig deeper and try to make invasive money with my best skills.

In this blog post, you’ll learn:

  • How Instagram works?
  • Can people make money on Instagram?
  • Learn How you can start it today?
  • What it takes to make money on Instagram
  • Who pays money to the Instagrammers?

Cool isn’t it?

Now let’s read more facts before we get started.

SproutSocial has an interesting facts to share, as per their instagram stats,

  • 7 out of 10 Hashtags on Instagram Are Branded
  • 71% of US Businesses Are Using Instagram in 2017
  • 80% of Users Follow At Least One Business on Instagram
  • Instagram Mobile Ad Revenue to Hit Nearly $7 Billion in 2018

Do you know that there are currently over 8 million business profiles on instagram? which demonstrates how big the market and potential is.

Fair enough to start your career with instagram?

How To Make Money on Instagram in 2019 – Step by Step Process

Step #1: Determine Instagram personality – very important if you want to earn money with Instagram

It all begins from here. You must know yourself. The Instagram personality means what you want to create, share, and deliver. You shouldn’t be posting cat pictures if you run a cars rental business. Similarly, it does count in all other fields as well. You must clarify:

  • Who you are
  • What you want
  • Who you want to reach out
  • What you can do for the audience

At this stage, you must clarify your ambition and passion in order to proceed. If you set things right at this point, a lot of things will go down right for you.

Let’s take an example:

If you’re a food blogger, your Instagram photos must reflect that. From your Instagram handle to each and every photo, the idea of food blogging must reflect from it. Your Instagram shouldn’t be telling about the TV series that you’re watching these days. Instead, it should tell what foods you’re interested in, what fruits you’re eating these days, and what you’ve got in the grocery, maybe.

If you want to take something out of the first step, it’s sticking to your thing on Instagram and don’t getting distracted by the other things. Consider it the first and the foremost rule of money making on Instagram. Because it plays a vital role in becoming an authority.

Step #2: Build a Connection with the Audience

Once you start pushing the content on Instagram, you’ll start to see the traction. It won’t mean that you would get to build the loyal audience instantaneously but rather it might take some time to reach to that position.

What you need to do if you want to learn on how to make money on instagram is that you need to start building the connection with the audience and to do that, you’ll need to plan this out. You must do following things:

a) – Create a Routine:

Show up every day or on a schedule would be a huge deal. You must make your audience develop the habit of showing up at the scheduled time or on a specific date. It depends on the creator, though.

b) – Train to Interact:

You can also develop the habit of engaging with you. Ask questions in your Instagram posts or in the caption and encourage them to answer in the comments. Use the Instagram videos as well for this sort of interaction.

c) – Give more than you ask:

You must be on the giving side, whether you’re sharing an inspirational quote from your favorite author or sharing a lesson from your personal experience. Make sure the content you’re pushing out there is worth consuming. You must give more than you ask.

The connection building is crucial to your Instagram success. It goes deep into everything. For instance, if you have a strong connection with your audience and you post something, a lot of followers like it, comment on it, and diehard fans might repost it or mention you on social media etc.

Stephen, in his article, Secret to Connecting With Your Audience, shared his experiences on how he connected with his audience and how it gave him huge benefits.

You might not know the power of the connection with the audience. It begins with the delivery of value and just becomes a reality when you build a habit of giving them away and you never stop doing it. When someone does that, the audience forgets to ignore them. They just fall in love with the individual or brand that continuously delivers the content that they love.

Step #3: Strategize Your Content Plan

At step 3, for learning on how to make money from instagram you need to understand the inside game of the Instagram platform. Strategizing the content plan means that you need to build a strategy of your Instagram plan. You don’t get everything right on day 1. It takes time. The awareness does the job. If you’re reading, it means you’re being aware of a lot of things regarding using the Instagram.

Let’s come to the Instagram content plan. Before getting deeper into this, don’t let go of first two points because they’re still relevant in the content plan. Don’t forget who you’re creating the content for and be generous towards the followers.

The four main pillars for Instagram’s money-making plan mean:


The images you would create to share or the photos you take to share with the Instagram audience will be a huge impact. This is the reason they’re connected with you. Make sure you keep on improving the quality.


Instagram does have a 60-second video option. You can always leverage the video in your Instagram growth. It could be crucial to your content plan’s success.

P.S. Make Sure You Need to Buy a Good & Cheap Vlogging Camera, if you don’t have one.

Live streaming:

The live stream has become a huge trend on social media. And interestingly, it’s rapidly growing. You can always use this for the better. Instagram offers 60-min live streaming session and surely you can live go live again once the you get disconnected after 60 minutes.


The hashtags might seem underrated but they’re not. In fact, these are one of the most important parts of the content on Instagram. Just like Twitter and other social networks, Instagram hashtags are massively important in your Instagram growth.

Now, strategizing the content plan means how you use the content pillars of Instagram. In order to build a content plan for Instagram, you need to figure out following things:

  • What to Post: This defines what type of images or videos you want to post. You can definitely test out different types such as quotes, photos, videos etc. In the end, you must have a clear doorway on what to post on Instagram.
  • When to Publish: The timing and frequency matter as well. A lot of Instagammers know when their audience opens the Instagram, for example, 5 pm or 9 pm, so they post at a specific time. How much and how often you publish content on Instagram have a role in your Instagram growth and success. If you post a picture taken from a DSLR and edited in Adobe Photoshop once a week and if you take picture smartly through your iPhone and use some editing app to make it look good and post three pictures each day, you’ll have a huge difference in the result.
  • What to Offer: This means you must know what you need to get. A lot of brands on Instagram display their products in the pictures and write the detail in the caption like website URL to explain that where people can buy this product from. Moreover, YouTubers put their videos link in the profile bio and tell in the caption that link is in the profile. The point is, being an Instagrammer, you must know what to ask for, what you need to do, or what you need to offer.

Step 4: Explore the Monetisation and Making Money Online on Instagram Opportunities


The monetization opportunities are more than we think. In fact, the most of the Instagrammers even don’t know their Instagram account’s worth. Whereas, some of the Instagram influencers with the similar size of audience charge money for posting a single picture. We don’t go into how much they charge because everyone has a different pricing and offering. Brands and influencers negotiate and agree upon the point where things become feasible for both the parties.

The process won’t look difficult when you would reach to this point because before reaching to this point, you would have seen a lot of experiences which would have made you more aware than ever. It doesn’t mean you would only charge for posting pictures or might be able to work with brands when you would have 100k subscribers. In fact, you might end up working with a brand when you reach 1k subscriber. It depends on what you offer and how you present and engage with the brands.

It comes to down to the step #1 and #2 which say about developing your Instagram personality and then engaging with the audience. Of course, if a brand sees that you have 5000 followers on Instagram and your content is relatable to their brand and you’re getting over 1000 like on every picture and 100+ unique comments, then you may seem to appeal some of the brands out there.

Here are some of the monetization ways:

Sponsored posts is a popular way of monetizing your Instagram. There is no certain amount whatsoever. Different influencers charge different amount of money. It could be $200 to $5000 per post. It depends on the deal and understanding between the brand and the influencer.

A lot of influencers post sponsored content for a specific time period and then delete it. One of the best practices of monetizing Instagram is the use of a #sponsored hashtag in the sponsored content. So that it clarifies that it’s a sponsored content and the creator is paid for the promotion. A lot of Instagram influencers meet the brands through services like Famebit and BrandBacker and easily monetize their Instagram accounts via branded content.

In a survey of 5,000 influencers, around 42% said they charged $200 to $400 per post – Just imagine, how much the brands and companies are willing to pay, if you have an audience.

Selling Your Merchandise For Quick Money from Instagram

Merchandise selling is another way of monetization your Instagram. This seems a whole lot difficult than getting sponsored deals for branded content but the Instagrammers don’t always have to do their merchandize themselves. There are services now that could handle your merchandize on demand and you can sit back and relax. Check out Printful and Zazzle.

Become an Affiliate Marketer for Earning through Instagram


The third option for making money on instagram is becoming an affiliate of instagram network. If you don’t go for either one of those that mentioned above, then affiliate marketing comes next. You’re probably aware of affiliate marketing. It’s a process of promoting someone else’s product and get paid commission based on the successful transaction.

For instance, I have used amazon actively on my article about Best 4K Monitors in the market, where i discuss on key aspects of choosing the 4k curved monitor with in depth analysis and comparison.

If you are completely new to affiliate marketing, you can also checkout my guide on Affiliate marketing guide for beginners.

Have a look on the following Affiliate companies which have Affiliate products which can be catered to Instagram audience.

Here’s an example, see how Kristyn from GlamourZine promote those over the knee boots?

Kristyn from GlamourZine

Keep in mind that not every product can perform well on instagram. Search for products that convert well for other affiliates. Look for products that have received good reviews from customers. Don’t be tempted towards products with high commissions or in different niches, that may look good but won’t work good with you or your audience.

I also suggest you to use a link shortener with affiliate links so they don’t look long. Services like can help you in making those url’s short.

Launch Your E-commerce Store and Start Making Money with Instagram

Selling other people product or service isn’t the only way to make the most out of the instagram. If you have a good following and readers, why don’t you start your own e-commerce store and promote it through Instagram and other social media channels to make quick cash?

This way you will have an added benefit and that is, you are working for no one, except your own self. You are establishing a brand and who doesn’t know the power of brand?

Now if you ask on what kind of store you may need to start? firstly the opportunities are limit less. There can be more idea’s even then what you can think of.

Firstly, if you have an existing audience, you may need to realise on what kind of audience you have, like their age group, likes/dislikes and income group or if you are just starting out then it’s a completely different story.

From T-shirts (can be focused on event oriented too, like for valentines day, fathers day etc.) to coffee mugs to old house items or if you got something cheap from a local supplier which is expensive in most of the parts of world, you can start selling it and make money.

Master & Dynamic is one such a good example of a store making the most of Instagram to market its audio tools

Become a storytelling consultant

Picture says 1000 words and we all know it. If you are good at using pictures to explain a story, the brands will love you for this kind of talent.

So you will create content for your brand which will help them in improving their brand image, product sales and brand reputation on instagram.

Zach Houghton is one such example who is doing this exactly and making a living through it.

Promote Your Instagram Videos to Your Youtube Audience

If you start building a good following on your youtube, then you can promote your instagram videos to your Youtube audience and can generate additional income, my what is vlogging guide is being extremely helpful if you just started your vlogging and video career.

Market your Airbnb, houses and properties on Instagram

Promote your existing services or products or business on instagram with videos

If you have any running business or planning to run any business, Instagram can be a great way to promote it.

5 Ways to Market Your Travel Consulting Business on Instagram.

Post your travelling pictures around the world on instagram and start your travel consulting business

Another great way to earn money online on internet via instagram is so to start travelling around the world, keep on sharing the pictures of it on Instagram, build your followers and start making money through it.

Travelling is an activity which won’t make you bore either and still it’s a great way to make huge cash on internet.

How much famous people earn from Instagram?

The list is so big that it needs a dedicated guide to explain on how much money people are already making on instagram.

For example, Lyzabeth Lopez, creator of the Hourglass Workout, charges between $3,000 and $5,000 per post, and between $20,000 and $100,000 per campaign.

Another example is, Liz Eswein @newyorkcity. She has now around 1.5 million followers and she earns around $18000 per shot.

How to Differentiate between a Prepaid Card and Credit Card

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How to Differentiate between a Prepaid Card and Credit Card


How to Differentiate between a Prepaid Card and Credit Card

The technology behind contact less payments is continuing to evolve at a frightening rate, with bio metrics playing a pivotal role in this. Last year saw Gemalto launch the world’s first biometric EMV card for contact less payments, which included a fingerprint sensor on the right of the card body to enhance user security.

This is also part of a wider move to do away with cards altogether, with bio-metric solutions helping customers to pay with their smartphones and similar devices without compromising their safety.

For now, however, we continue to use standard and contact less debit cards to complete everyday purchases, while credit cards are also exceptionally popular among shoppers. In this post, we’ll contrast prepaid cards with credit cards, while asking how you can differentiate between the two.

Prepaid vs. Credit Cards – What are the Main Differences?


There’s often a great deal of confusion between prepaid and credit cards, and much of this stems from the fact that these products are made available by the same service providers.

You can secure both prepaid and standard credit cards from global brands like MasterCard, for example, while Visa, American Express and Discover also offer a dizzying array of similar products.

Despite this, there’s a very clear and important difference between these two types of card. More specifically, credit cards essentially require you to borrow money from creditors in order to complete purchases, with this short-term debt repaid through a series of agreed monthly repayments.

In contrast, prepaid cards must be loaded with money before they can be used, meaning that you’ll only ever be spending your own cash on purchases.

This negates the need to take out any line of credit from a third-party lender, while you can usually load as much or as little as you like onto a prepaid card depending on how much you can afford to spend!

Unlike a debit card, a prepaid card is not linked to a bank account. Generally, when you use a prepaid card, you are spending money that you have already loaded onto the card.

What About Debit Cards?

In some respects, you may argue that a prepaid card has more in common with a debit card than a standard credit product.

This is particularly true in the current financial climate, with service providers like Thinkmoney providing prepaid debit cards that help applicants to manage their spending more efficiently.

These are usually made available for a fixed nominal fee, while the only difference with this type of prepaid card is that it’s issued by a bank rather than a private lender or credit company.

Even when dealing with standard debit cards, you’ll only ever spend money that is within your account, rather than having to borrow capital from a third-party or lender. As a result, both debit and prepaid cards provide considerable safeguards that enable you to spend within your means as a consumer.

When you buy items using a credit card, the money you use is for the credit card insurer who pays for the items you bought. You will then have the obligation to pay the credit card insurer at an agreed date. You could decide to pay in full or in installment, depending on your agreed terms of payment with your credit card insurer.

However, to get a credit card, you must meet some financial requirements like those of a person seeking a bank loan. This means you must have an active bank account, reliable employment, and good credit history. This is why credit cards are hard to get for people who do not meet the requirements. Overall, credit cards are easy to use and convenient when it comes to paying for goods.

Prepaid cards look similar to credit cards but with a slight difference in that, the money you spend when you pay via the prepaid card is your own money. You load the money onto the card using electronic means and then use it to pay for goods and services until the balance goes to zero. For you to use the card again, you must load it with cash again.

The best part about prepaid cards is that they can be owned by anyone since they do not require any financial thresholds to obtain one.

The Last Word

In terms of differentiating between these different types of card, it’s crucial that you apply common sense and read the small print associated with products before you make a commitment.

You should also pay attention to how cards are credited and used, as this will help you to determine the very best option for you in a crowded marketplace.

How to Earn Money through PayPal Online 2019

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Today at we are going to teach you How to Earn Money through PayPal Online 2019


How to Earn Money through PayPal Online 2019 |
How to Earn Money through PayPal Online 2019 |


Before we dive in on How to Earn Money through PayPal Online 2019 you need to first have a paypal account which you can get on the link below


Online surveys are the best way to earn when it comes to earning online. There are many means by which these online survey websites pay the user but getting paid through PayPal is considered to be the fastest and safest method.

So, here we compiled a list of websites that offer online surveys that pay through PayPal to make it easier for you to get started as soon as possible. They are the best websites in the industry that offer PayPal payment after completing surveys.


A list of the paid survey without Swagbucks included in it is incomplete. Swagbucks is the most preferred paid survey website. The website offers a survey section and offers section. Though the surveys seem to be an easy option, most of the users make money through offers section.

Besides surveys and offers, the website also provides many ways to make money and different bonuses. To start earning, Click Here


The MyPoints is most of a shopping portal that let you buy things online an earn points on them.

On successful purchase of an item the portal emails you the survey which again earns you the points and these points can be redeemed in different ways. For details, click here.

5 Ways to Stop Procrastination Forever: Pomodoro Technique

Opinion Outpost:

When it comes to online paid surveys, the Opinion Outpost is one of the sites you can rely on and trust on. This site is considered to be one of the very straightforward sites to use. The portal emails you few surveys with offering surveys in their dashboard that can long for a week.

Something really favorable about this survey site is that it pays through PayPal and has low minimum cash out at $10. This makes the site more preferable by the freelancers.

still on How to Earn Money through PayPal Online 2019


The SurveySpot is the sister company of Opinion Outpost. The SurveySpot and Opinion Outpost are two distinct survey panels that are run by the same market firm, which means that the legitimacy of the Opinion Outpost is the same for its sister company the SurveySpot.

Both the websites offer the same features, but many times you may encounter a scenario where the same survey is posted on both the websites. And since you can take one survey just once, so whenever you try to enter the same survey on the other website you will be immediately screened out of it. This is something you just need to be aware of.

Pine Cone Research:

 This is one of the highest paying survey websites online and also one of the most exclusive and looking for specific demographics to join. So, this website screens you to be eligible before you participate in the survey.

But don’t let this aspect of the website discourage you. Give it a shot with all your authentic efforts.To join or take the surveys on this website you don’t have a sign-up form you will need to find the link on the browser that directs you to their website.

Again, you need to use the link that matches your age and sex. There are specific links for different age groups, so make sure you click on the right link to visit the PineCone research.

5 Technology Skills you should Learn as Student


Earlier the iPoll was called as SurveyHead, but after the rebranding of their mobile app, the name iPoll has become very popular. Besides their mobile app, they also offer plenty of websites on their dashboard to let you earn the money. iPoll offers a $5 cash bonus for just signing up to their website.

Wrapping Up! 

Besides the above list of websites that offer online surveys that pay through PayPal, you may find many other websites that pay you for online surveys. Find the right one for you and get started with earning at your comfort space.

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How to Charge Your Android Phone Faster

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Are you having problem with your andriod phone charging very slow and its so annoying you? Today we will show you How to Charge Your Android Phone Faster.

Having to charge your phone constantly is frustrating. If your usage is above average, it’s unlikely your handset can make it throughout the day without a top-up of power in the early evening.

How to Charge Your Android Phone Faster
How to Charge Your Android Phone Faster

Sadly, the twice-daily charging routine shows no sign of dying off anytime soon. As battery capacity increases, so does the power draw from apps and the ever-evolving operating system. It’s a stalemate.

And although the steady introduction of USB-C cables is whittling away at the time it takes to give your device some extra juice, hanging around while your battery reenergizes itself can be tortuous.

But don’t worry, there are some tips, tricks, and gadgets that can make the charging experience less painful. Here are the eight smartest Android charging tricks you’re not using.

1. Enable Airplane Mode

One of the biggest draws on your battery is the network signal. As a general rule, the worse your signal, the faster your battery will drain.

Consequently, if you live in an area with a poor signal, charging your phone takes longer than if you reside in a place with a strong signal — the signal is eating through your power as you charge.

The quick solution? Put your phone in Airplane Mode before you plug it in. Testing suggests it could reduce the amount of time needed for a full charge by as much as 25 percent.

airplane mode android

To put your phone into Airplane Mode, simply swipe down on the notification bar with two fingers and tap the Airplane Mode icon.

Just make sure you turn it off again once your battery is full!

2. Turn Your Phone Off

Simple, obvious, but often overlooked. If your phone is turned off while it’s repowering, it’s going to charge a lot faster. Nothing will be drawing on the battery while you fill it up.

3. Ensure Charge Mode Is Enabled

Your Android device lets you specify what type of connection it makes when you plug in a USB cable. On the most recent versions of Android, it’s hidden in the Developer Options menu.

To access the Developer Options, you first need to enable them. To do so, head to Settings > About Phone > Build Number. Quickly tap on the build number seven times. After the first two presses, your device will give you an on-screen countdown for the number of necessary taps remaining.

charging mode android

Next, head to Settings > Developer Options > Select USB Configuration. On the list of options, make sure Charging is selected.

4. Use a Wall Socket

Using a USB port on your computer or in your car leads to a much more inefficient charging experience.

Typically, non-wall socket USB ports only offer a power output of 0.5A. Wall socket charging will usually give you 1A (depending on your device). There’s nothing wrong with receiving a lower amperage — it won’t harm your device — but you’ll definitely be twiddling your thumbs for a lot longer.

5. Buy a Power Bank

If you need to recharge your phone while you’re on the go — for example, if you’re often out travelling all day — a power bank can be a lifesaver.

Many power banks offer the same amperage output as a wall socket, and in some cases, even more. But a word of warning, while your phone might charge faster with a two-amp output, you need to make sure your USB cable can handle the extra power.

6. Avoid Wireless Charging

I’m not going to criticize wireless chargers — they entail fewer cables, and that’s something I’m sure we can all get onboard with.

However, if charging speed is your number one priority, you should avoid them. They offer a considerably slower charging experience than their wired counterparts. In fact, testing suggests they could be as much as 50 percent slower.

Why? There are two reasons. First, it’s more efficient to transfer energy through a cable than via simple contact. Second, the wasted energy manifests itself as excess heat. More on that in point seven.

7. Remove Your Phone’s Case

All smartphones currently rely on lithium-ion batteries. The chemistry behind the way they work dictates that the charging process works much more efficiently when the battery is cool.

For optimal charging, the battery temperature (not the air temperature) should be between 41 and 113 F (5 and 45 C). Obviously, the battery temperature is in part controlled by the ambient surrounding temperature, and removing your case will help lower it.

And in case you’re thinking of putting your phone in the fridge to repower: don’t. The efficiency drop-off is even more severe at temperatures below the ideal range.

8. Use a High-Quality Cable

The difference in quality between two cables can be vast.

Inside your single charging cable are four individual cables — red, green, white, and black. The white and green cables are for data transfer, the red and black ones are for charging. The number of amps the two charging cables can carry is determined by their size. A standard 28-gauge cable can carry around 0.5 amps; a larger 24-gauge cable can carry two amps.

Generally, cheap cables use the 28-gauge setup, resulting in slower charging speeds.

If you want to test your cable for charging efficiency, download Ampere. It lets you measure the charge and discharge rate of your device.

What Charging Tips Do You Have?

I’ve introduced you to eight ways you can make your charging experience less painful. If you work through the tips methodically, you can save time charging your phone.

I’d love to know what else you’d add to this list. Have you found an Android setting that considerably alters the amount of time it takes to recharge your battery? Do you know about a gadget your fellow readers can buy to make the charging process easier?

50+ business ideas to start at university as a student

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50+ business ideas to start at university as a student.

Running low on cash and inspiration? Have a look at our low-investment yet profitable startup ideas for businesses you can run from your uni room with little money!

Setting up your own business and working for yourself is a great way to earn some extra cash at uni without being tied down to shift work – but finding a great idea can be quite tricky!

These business ideas should get your entrepreneurial juices flowing and set you off on your merry way to small-business success. 😀

How to come up with a business idea

  • Do some research: what do people need or want? Think of an everyday obstacle – how can it be overcome?
  • If you could provide or invent something that would make life easier, better, safer, fairer or cheaper – what would it be?
  • What are you really good at or love doing? Perhaps start with that!
  • Think about what business ventures might support your future or education.

53 startup business ideas

    1. If you’re big on social media, make money (and get freebies) by advertising products for brands. See our guide to making money from social media
    2. Start a website. Pick a subject you’re passionate about, get blogging and start earning.
    3. Earn money from YouTube videos by sharing a slice of the ad revenue. Pick any topic that interests you (games, comedy and music do particularly well) and put together simple guides or reviews
    4. Become a pet sitter or dog walker! Busy people with 9-5 jobs are often willing to pay someone to look after their beloved pets – plus you get to hang out with animals
    5. Buy second-hand in-demand textbooks at the end of term and sell them on to new students at the start of the new term (simple supply and demand)
    6. Cash in on your creativity by selling designs, music and even recipes on sites like Fiverr and Gumroad
    7. Start a magazine (or blog) about your degree subject and get other students, tutors and experts to contribute. You could then place adverts – but aside from the money such a project will look great on your CV
    8. Sell your unwanted clothes on Depop – or snap up gems in charity shops for bargain prices and sell them on for a profit
    9. Set yourself an unusual goal and blog or write a book about it – just like student Ken Ilgunas who self-published a book about living in a van
    10. Hunt around in charity shops, and on sites like Gumtree and Freecycle, for stuff you can upcycle and sell on for a profit
    11. Run a delivery service. Evenings and weekends could see you delivering McDonald’s/beer combos, while early mornings could be coffees, newspapers or train tickets
    12. Create an alternative yearbook using a print-on-demand publisher and sell copies and advertising space
    13. Start a film screening club
    14. For more casual money-making ideas head over to our easy ways to make money.
    15. ‘I queue for you’: stand in-line or hang on the phone so someone else doesn’t have to
    16. Convert someone’s entire CD catalogue into MP3 files they can play on their phone. It’s easy enough to do using software like iTunes but can take hours… which is where you come in!
    17. Start an accommodation reviews website for your campus or town
    18. Set up a Skype language course or conversational practice for learners around the world
    19. Buy packets of seeds cheaply and sell pot plants or fresh fruit/veg. You can grow lots of things without tons of equipment – some veg will even thrive in old wellies or grown indoors. Just keep it legal!
    20. Sell original work on Etsy – think greetings cards, stickers, badges and illustrations
    21. Make and sell audio or e-book versions of out-of-copyright set texts, particularly if they’re hard to find (think medieval literature or 18th-century science tomes)
    22. Be the go-to finder for folk who’ve lost something irreplaceable or want to buy something hard to find. Use the web as well as local contacts and retail knowledge to track down the impossible… for a commission
    23. Freelance: Whether it’s related to your current course or your dream career, offer your skills to people who need web design, illustration, writing or admin support. You’ll also get CV-pimping experience to boot
    24. Create food hampers that parents can order and have delivered to their kids – think student essentials in long-life eats or healthy stuff they’re probably not getting enough of
    25. Run a couple of matchmaker events for your campus and charge a small joining fee
    26. Make bespoke photo albums: use a site like to produce professionally printed books or magazines and add hand-crafted touches or notes to make each one unique
    27. Offer a transcription service that types up lecture recordings, or use your graphic design skills to produce handouts for tutors
    28. Create a swaps site that matches owners with borrowers: think clothes, services, bikes or books – or maybe one that matches students who want to see the UK with those who live in other towns
    29. You’ll also like: 39 weird ways students have made money
    30. If you’re good with kids, offer your services as a babysitter. Parents always need someone to watch their brood when they go out in the evening
    31. Organise student event trips to other cities or to visit festivals – get a good deal on a coach and double your money on the tickets
    32. Help friends and family with matched betting and take a cut of their profits
    33. Offer to sit for stock photographers or source models for them. Or just grab a camera and have a go at shooting and selling your own snaps. Try newcomer Picfair, which allows you set your own prices
    34. Produce a campus e-newsletter and take paid advertising from local businesses, or do deals to offer readers discounts and competitions
    35. Start an annual gift or card service where you post out cards and presents to subscribers so they never forget important birthdays or anniversaries
    36. Be a market research consultant and sell your services to local or national businesses who want to know what students think about their stuff
    37. Pay a flat rate to a freelance graphic designer to create popular web graphics or icons, and sell them on a marketplace like GraphicRiver for recurring income
    38. If there’s one thing we all seem to have lurking in a spare bedroom, it’s unused home gym equipment and a pile of good intentions. Buy or beg the kit at bargain rates to re-sell or re-home with local schools, gyms, offices or personal trainers
    39. Offer to collect or wait for deliveries for a fee (saving someone else the time or cost of rearranging a missed package)
    40. Create a portfolio website that bands and musicians can use to connect with local events or businesses
    41. Start a home-made smoothie or sandwich business for local firms: they phone you their orders in the morning and you deliver on the dot at lunchtime
    42. Turn your best photos or artwork into posters (good sellers at the start of term as students move into new homes) – check out Truprint
    43. Start an essay or thesis proofreading business
    44. Create a local guide – think magazine, website or app – that helps freshers make the most of their new town: the best cafés, cheapest deals, or hidden gems. You can sell these on and even ask businesses to pay a small fee to be included
    45. Start your own travel exchange: put together packages of budget flights, accommodation and events and co-ordinate it between a uni abroad and your own
    46. Sell a uni essentials welcome package – stationery, kitchen kit, discount vouchers – that can be delivered to freshers’ rooms ahead of their first day. See our what to take to university checklist
    47. Start a tutoring service for school students struggling with the subjects you’re acing at. Offer online courses or webinars to reach more folk
    48. If you have an unused parking space outside your house, see if you can rent it out for some extra cash (but always check with your landlord first)
    49. Be a sports coach for local or uni teams
    50. Collect other students dirty laundry and take it to the launderette for a markup
    51. Design a motivational app that logs lecture/seminar/gym attendance and awards points, vouchers or gifts for achievements or penalties for slacking
    52. Start an outdoor fitness trail on, leading groups of people to different/unusual locations to work out without equipment while seeing the sights
    53. Offer a CV design or review service. Check out our guide to CV writing for a bit of inspiration
    54. Design cases that disguise gadgets and make them less attractive to thieves. Think phone covers that look like pencil cases, or a laptop case that looks like a ring-binder. Recycled materials get you bonus points!
    55. Run your own subscription service where customers get a study survival kit delivered to them at their homes or libraries during high stress periods – think Berocca, teabags, de-stress scented candles, cans of redbull, etc.

Golden rules for starting a business

Keep your best start-up business ideas on track with some common sense:

  • Don’t do anything illegal
  • Don’t compromise anyone’s safety to make a buck
  • Don’t skimp on your studies in favour of making some cash
  • Check any rules your uni or insurance provider might have about running a business
  • You’ll need to complete a self-assessment tax return each year
  • Make sure you sound-out any rules about plagiarism if you intend to sell your notes or essays
  • Check whether you need a licence, insurance or qualification to put any of your ideas into action before you move forward
  • Don’t just think in terms of the money – going for ideas that help your community or local charities can do just as much for your CV or personal satisfaction.

Whether you’ve got a world-changing concept or just want to make some extra cash, you’ve got to make a start before you can have a startup business!